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 Address and Activities of Gourhati Centre


Ramakrishna Math, Gourhati

Ramakrishna Math
P.O. Gourhati, Dt. Hooghly, W.B., West Bengal
Phone : 03211 261209
Email : [email protected]

Situated in a village sanctified by the visit of Sri Ramakrishna, this ashrama was started in 1971 and had been a sub-centre under Ichapur Math since 2009. Ir was made a full-fledged branch of the Ramakrishna Math in April 2012.

Activities of the Math centre :

  1. A small dispensary, which treated patients from nearby villages.

  1. Daily worship, Ram Nam, prayers and occasional religious classes.

  1. Celebration of the birthdays of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda and other spritual luminaries.

  1. Welfare work by way of providing blankets, clothes, pecuniary help and educational help to students.

Additional Photos of the Activities of the Centre:

        Gourhati Ashrama Photo Gallery

 W S    A R C H I V E

This information on Centre's activities is collected from
The General Report of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, April 2017.


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