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 The General Secretary


The General Secretary is the chief executive of both the Math and the Mission.  His functions include carrying out the decisions of the Board of Trustees and the Governing Body, admission of monastic aspirants into the Order, their training and deployment in branch centres, coordination of the work of different branch centres, regulation of all financial transactions, keeping a check on the physical being, character and conduct of individual monks and so on.

Swami  Suhitananda is the current General Secretary.

The General Secretary is assisted in his work by one or more Assistant Secretaries and a Treasurer.  Currently there are four Assistant Secretaries: Swamis Bhajanananda, Suvirananda, Balabhadrananda and Bodhasarananda and one Treasurer: Swami Girishananda.  Each Assistant Secretary looks after one or more departments of the Secretariat.