one day krishna was playing with his friends in the courtyard of the house. Yasoda was busy cooking in the kitchen. Suddenly Balarama rushed to her and said, “Mother, Mother, Krishna has eaten mud.”Yasoda did not believe him. But the other friends also said, “Yes, mother, he ate in front of all of us even though we forbade him”. Yasoda was irritated by Krishna’s new prank. Her house had every kind of sweets. Why then should the restless boy eat mud? She rushed to Krishna, caught hold of him with her left hand and raised her right hand as though to slap him. She said: “You mischievous fellow! Why did you eat mud? Your friends and even Balarama say so.” But child Krishna protested. “Mother” he said, “I have not eaten any mud. They are all liars. If you want, look into my mouth.”

“All right, open your mouth. Let me look into it,” said Yasoda. Challenged by his mother thus Krishna, who was God come in human form to teach and delight His devotees, opened his mouth. Ah! What did mother Yasoda see in his mouth!image20

Inside the narrow space of her son’s mouth she saw the whole universe. There was the whole earth, heaven, sun, moon, stars and all else! All the gods and goddesses were there. There was also a strange light in the mouth. She saw the whole Gokula too inside the mouth. She saw also herself sitting inside his mouth and examining the open mouth of her darling boy. She could not believe that within the mouth of her son such things could appear. Yet she was seeing them! She was struck with fear and wonder. She began to argue within herself; “Is this a dream? Or the Lord’s ways? Or the imagination of my heated brain? Or can this be due to some extraordinary power possessed by my boy?”

And then she pondered, “I am not dreaming, my eyes are open. I am actually seeing what is happening before. So this vision must be due to some divine power of my son, as predicted by Gargamuni.” Tossed by many such thoughts, she took the best course.

She surrendered herself to the Lord and prayed to Him to protect her child. When we are beset by some problems for which we can find no solution, there is no alternative except to surrender to the Supreme Lord and offer Him our respectful obeisance. This was the means adopted by the intelligent Yasoda. Lord Krishna cast the spell of his Maya again on her and once more appeared like a small child to her eyes. As one forgets everything   after a dream,   Mother Yasoda too forgot the entire incident. As her natural feeling of affection was again roused, she took the child on her lap and fondled him.

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