Clarification : WhatsApp messages seeking funds to Belur Math

Important clarification regarding WhatsApp messages seeking funds to Belur Math 


Dear Friends and Devotees, 

This is regarding one or two WhatsApp messages seeking funds for Belur Math that are making the rounds among the circle of our devotees and friends for the past few days.

In the first place, Belur Math authorities never sent those WhatsApp messages. Neither do we know who has circulated these messages. The messages contain a few factual errors and some expressions which may hurt the feelings of our devotees and friends. We are sorry therefore that these messages got circulated so widely and have caused confusion among our well-wishers.

But it is true that owing to the restrictions of lockdown, which have been in place for more than a month and a half, the inflow of donations to Belur Math has gone down drastically. This is naturally causing difficulties in running the day-to-day activities of this large Math. We request you to help us in this trying period by making contribution to whatever extent possible for you. Some of our Vedanta Centres in the West, including the Vedanta Society of New York, headed by Swami Sarvapriyananda, are also trying to help Belur Math by making appeals to their circle of devotees. Instructions for making donations are available on our website <>.

We may also remind you that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is still raging in India and in many other parts of the world. So, please take sufficient care to remain safe.

May Sri Thakur, Sri Ma and Swamiji Maharaj shower their blessings on you is our earnest prayer to them!

With best wishes, 

Yours in Sri Ramakrishna,

Swami Suvirananda

General Secretary


Friends and Devotees of Belur Math

Clarification regarding WhatsApp messages seeking funds to Belur Math