Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Narainpur, Bastar (Abujhmarh Tribal Service)

This centre was started in 1985 for the uplift of the tribal people of Abujhmarh.


  1. A residential higher secondary school with 1202 students, mostly tribal.
  2. An agriculture training-cum-demonstration unit, which trained 2211 About 2661 farmers attended the Kisan Mela (farmers’ fair) organized by this unit. Besides, educational tours for farmers were also conducted.
  3. A workers’ training centre, which trained 24 tribal youths in motor mechanics, driving, tailoring, welding, electrical works, etc.
  4. A central library with 13,821 books and 75 periodicals and newspapers.
  5. Two residential junior schools at Abujhmarh with 332 tribal students.
  6. Three primary schools at Irakbhatti, Kachchapal & Kutul villages with 287 tribal students.
  7. Thirty Ekal Vidyalayas in 30 villages with 572 students benefiting 500 families.
  8. A free residential Industrial Training Institute giving training in 10 trades. The number of students: 350.
  9. Free coaching facilities to tribal students (1939 this year) who were also provided with stationery, uniforms, food and transport facilities.
  10. A free computer training centre with 879 students.
  11. Vivekananda Arogya Dham, a 30-bed hospital, which treated 1985 inpatients, 58,159 outpatients and 97 TB cases.
  12. A mobile medical unit (7448 patients were treated) and 12 medical camps (1183 patients were treated).
  13. Five health posts at Kutul, Irakbhatti, Kundla, Kachchapal and Akabeda villages, which treated 19,032 patients. Three nutritional rehabilitation centres served 50,350 people and 632 severe-acute-malnourished children.
  14. Two Bal Griha hostels for accommodating orphan students (100 boys and 50 girls).
  15. Six fair-price shops and welfare work by way of providing food, clothes, winter garments, stationeries to the needy and various rural development programmes like land repair, construction of roads and buildings, distribution of solar lamps, stoves, etc.
  16. Regular lectures, celebration of the birthdays of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda and other spiritual luminaries.
Prayer Hall