Important Instructions to the Devotees and Visitors

From 22 April 2021 Belur Math will remain closed.

Please follow the instructions given below:

  1. Please wear mask/face cover and follow hand hygiene norms.
  2. Please maintain at least 2 metre (6 feet) distance between yourself and others.
  3. All devotees/visitors shall undergo health screening/thermal screening at the point of entry.
  4. Only asymptomatic (as per the Govt./WHO guidelines) devotees/visitors will be allowed to enter the premises.
  5. Large baggage/luggage will not be allowed, only small hand bag may be allowed.
  6. Photography is strictly prohibited on the Math premises.
  7. Please follow the position markings while moving and do not form group or loiter around the campus.
  8. Spitting is strictly prohibited. Please do not litter.
  9. Devotees are allowed to visit only the four temples, namely Sri Ramakrishna Temple, Sri Sarada Devi Temple, Swami Vivekananda Temple and Swami Brahmananda Temple.
  10. Please offer pranams in standing posture only. Sashtanga/sitting pranams in the temples will not be allowed.
  11. Sitting and meditation in the temples will not be allowed.
  12. Offerings are to be kept at the designated places in the temple.
  13. Visit to the Old Shrine and Swamiji’s Room will remain suspended until further notice.
  14. Bathing in the Ganges is not permitted.
  15. Prasad distribution will remain suspended until further notice.
  16. Offering pranams to Revered President Maharaj ji and Revered Vice-President Maharaj jis will remain suspended until further notice.
  17. ‘Ramakrishna Museum’ will remain closed until further notice.
  18. Pallimangal and Book Stall will be opened for devotees and visitors.