Matri Mandir and Ramakrishna Mission Sarada Sevashrama, Jayrambati

The Matri Mandir (Math centre) was established in 1920 at Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi’s birthplace.

Activities of the Math centre:

  1. Daily worship, fortnightly Ramnam Sankirtan, religious classes, birth anniversaries of spiritual luminaries, and some festivals like Kali puja, Durga puja, Jagaddhatri Puja etc.
  2. Welfare work by way of distributing milk, clothing, blankets, textbooks, and so on to the poor and needy.

Activities of Ramakrishna Yogashrama: This sub-centre of Matri Mandir is in Koalpara, 8 km away from Jayrambati. It is a peaceful retreat associated with Holy Mother’s life.

  1. A charitable homeopathic dispensary which treated 3,707 patients this year.
  2. Medical camps win which 771 patients were treated.
  3. A free coaching centre with 130 students.
  4. A small library for the benefit of local poor students.
  5. Welfare work such as giving medical and pecuniary help, distribution of clothes, blankets, etc to the poor and needy, and textbooks and other educational aids to poor students.
  6. Religious activities included daily worship, fortnightly Ramnam Sankirtan, religious discourses and celebration of religious festivals.


The Mission centre was founded in 1930.

Activities of the Mission centre:

  1. A high school with 395 boys and 387 girls.
  2. Two junior basic schools with 246 boys and 203 girls.
  3. A library attached to school with 7826 books.
  4. A charitable homeopathic-cum-allopathic dispensary, which treated 60,153 cases during the year.
  5. A mobile medical unit, which treated 14,211 patients and a physiotherapy unit (2238 patients).
  6. Four units of Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa for 350 poor children.
  7. Pallimangal project, consisting of a vocational training centre (28 girls in computer operations and 31 women in incense stick making, weaving, tailoring and embroidery) and 46 free coaching centres with 1374 students. Textbooks, school uniforms, clothing, scholarships, pecuniary help etc were distributed to the needy with the help of the Headquarters.
Jayrambati Temple Sideview
Cottage where Holy Mother stayed
Jagadamba Ashrama, Koalpara