Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Kadapa

The Math centre owes its origin to Sri Ramakrishna Samajam  founded in 1910. This was superseded in 1922 by Sri Ramakrishna Seva Samiti. The Seva Samiti was taken over by the Ramakrishna Math in 2004 and made a sub-centre of Ramakrishna Math, Chennai. It became a full- fledged centre in 2005.


  • A public library.
  • A weekly dispensary.
  • Welfare activities: Providing food and buttermilk.

The Mission centre was started in 2005 at Putlampalli, about 6 km from Kadapa city.


  • A high school (LKG to class 10).
  • A students’ home.
  • Welfare activities: Scholarships were provided to 30 students.
  • Religious activities: Daily worship, occasional spiritual retreats, religious classes outside the ashrama, and celebrations of the birth anniversaries of the Holy Trio and Kalpataru day.
Temple Shrine