Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Kadapa

The Math centre was started in 1910. After being taken over in 2004, it was made a sub-centre under Chennai Math. It became a full-fledged centre in 2005.

Activities of the Math centre:

  1. A library and a free reading room with 3994 books.
  2. Weekly allopathic, homeopathic and ayurvedic dispensary, which treated 8,974 patients.
  3. Weekly religious classes in and outside the ashrama.


The Mission centre was started in 2005.

Activities of the Mission centre:

  1. A primary school with 249 children.
  2. A free students’ home with 28 boys.
  3. Vivekananda Institute of Spoken English conducted four courses with total 78 students.
  4. VIDYA (Vivekananda’s Inspiration for Development of Youth Awakening): a mobile unit for conducting personality development programmes in various parts of the state. During the year 45 programmes were conducted in which 9,817 students participated.
  5. A three-day residential workshop for 100 teachers, a youth convention for 1200 youths and a 7-day summer camp for 260 students.
  6. Daily worship, fortnightly Ramnam Sankirtan, weekly religious classes, residential spiritual retreats, discourses in and around town, and celebration of the birthdays of spiritual luminaries.
  7. Welfare work by way of distributing food to devotees during festivals in a nearby temple.
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