Ramakrishna Math, Bagda

This centre is situated on a piece of land donated to Swami Brahmananda, a monastic disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, in 1920, where subsequently some local devotees started a Ramakrishna Ashrama. The Ramakrishna Math took over the management of the Ashrama in 2007 and renamed it ‘Ramakrishna Math’.


  • A homeopathic dispensary.
  • Values education programmes in virtual mode.
  • A unit of Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa.
  • Religious activities: Daily worship, religious discourses, and celebration of the birthdays of the Holy Trio and other prophets.
  • Welfare activities: Providing food, blankets, clothes, educational kits and educational aid.
Bagda Training Centre Opening April 2017
Relief Services

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