Ramakrishna Math, Barisha, Kolkata

This centre was started in 1983.


  1. A Home for the Aged (for men only) which had 41 members. It has a small library (with 2424 books and 16 newspapers and periodicals) for them.
  2. Free homeopathic medical service twice a week (4184 patients treated this year).
  3. A unit of Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa with 32 poor children.
  4. Religious classes, bhajans, etc, and the celebration of the birthdays of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda and other religious luminaries.
  5. Welfare work by way of providing books and other educational aids to students, distributing milk, clothes and pecuniary help to the needy.
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