Ramakrishna Math, Madurai

The ashrama was started in 1975 and made a branch centre in 1987.


  1. A primary school with 514 Students are also given training in computers, music, bharatanatyam, yogasana, karate and art & craft, etc.
  2. A public library with 24,185 books and 76 periodicals. The school library had 5361 books.
  3. A free tuition centre with 154 children.
  4. A charitable dispensary with allopathy and homeopathy sections (14,852 cases treated), medical camps (1288 patients treated), eye camps (2521 patients were examined and 481 were operated on for cataract) and an acupuncture camp (225 patients treated).
  5. Personality development classes and a summer camp for students and weekly yoga classes. A Balak Sangha with 35 students.
  6. Welfare work by way of providing notebook and educational help to needy students, medical help to the needy, feeding of poor children, distribution of buttermilk, clothes, etc.
  7. Daily worship and bhajans, weekly religious classes, occasional discourses, celebration of  the  birthdays  of  Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda and other religious prophets, and pongal and other festivals.
Statue of Swamiji