Ramakrishna Mission, Nadi, Fiji

The centre was started in 1937 and made a branch of Ramakrishna Mission in 1952. It is situated amid sylvan surroundings at Malolo about 4 km from Nadi town. Swami Bhadreshananda is its swami-in-charge.


  1. Swami Vivekananda College (higher secondary school) had 984 students from Form 3 (year 9) to Form 7 (year 13).
  2. Universal Meditation Centre: About 950 students of various faiths and ethnicities practised guided meditation weekly.
  3. The school library had 4939 books and 7 newspapers and periodicals.
  4. Vivekananda Technical Centre, which offers training courses in agriculture (121 trainees) and automobile repair (15 trainees).
  5. Sarada Medical Centre, located in Nadi town, with pathology, GOPD and SOPD units and a free pharmacy, treated 6489 patients.
  6. Weekly moral education classes and yoga classes for children.
  7. Daily worship, Sunday religious classes, congregational prayers and celebration of major religious festivals.
Altar at the Temple