Ramakrishna Mission, Sakwar

Ramakrishna Mission, Sakwar was started as a sub-centre of Ramakrishna Mission, Mumbai, for Rural Health and Welfare services, with enthusiastic group of doctors and volunteers in the 1970s. Later the Government of Maharashtra leased out 10 acres of land for the upliftment of the Rural and Tribal villages. In May 2023, the centre is upgraded to the status of a full-fledged branch centre.

Activities of the centre:

  1. A dispensary
  2. A vocational training centre for training in automobile mechanic, carpentry, community health worker, driving-cummechanic, electrical wiring, tailoring, welding, computer operations and construction-supervising.
  3. An agricultural demonstration farm.
  4. A library
  5. A balawadi (crèche)
  6. Doling out rice and providing food.
Carpentry Training
Rural Health Check-up Camp