Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama, Muzaffarpur

Started in 1926 under the name Ramakrishna Vivekananda Sevashrama, the centre was made a branch of Ramakrishna Mission in July 2003.


  1. A charitable eye hospital (started in 1947) with 30 beds, which treated 4972 in-patients, the attached OPD wing with allopathic, dental, pathology, X-ray and homeopathic sections treated 45,934 cases and two charitable homeopathic dispensaries in the town treated 37,826 cases.
  2. Eye camps in different villages in Bihar using the mobile ophthalmic unit (5870 patients were treated).
  3. A free coaching centre with 30 students. A Balak Sangha with 70 primary school students and annual cultural competitions for 5035 school and college students.
  4. Two units of Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa consisting of 101 underprivileged children.
  5. Training in basic computer operations to 10 students and tailoring to 120 girls.
  6. A Vivekananda study circle with 30 senior people.
  7. Welfare work by way of distribution of blankets, clothes and foodstuff etc.
  8. Religious activities: Celebration of the birthdays of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda and other religious teachers, as also festivals like Kali Puja.
Statue of Swamiji
Diagnostic Unit