Vedanta Society, Berkeley, USA


Vedanta Society of Berkeley
2455 Bowditch Street, Berkeley, California 94704-2429, USA
Phone: 1-510-8488862; Fax: 1-510-8454583
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]; Website:

The centre was started in 1939 and is located near the University of California, Berkely. It is a branch of Ramakrishna Math, and Swami Prasannatmananda is its minister-in-charge.


  • A library with 2974 books.
  • Regular worship, meditation, celebration of special religious events, and spiritual counselling to seekers.
  • Lectures on Sundays, evening classes, and discussion on Vedanta and other scriptures on other weekdays.
  • Invited by different organizations and colleges, the swami delivered several lectures in the neighbourhood and other cities of the United States and also participated in several interfaith meetings.
  • Evening services and talks in the Society’s house at San Jose were held every Sunday. Other celebrations like Durga Puja, Christmas day etc were also celebrated.
  • A yearly retreat on 4th July honouring Swami Vivekananda at Olema retreat.
  • The centre made its facilities available for use to several meditation groups sponsored by the University of California at Berkeley.