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 Address and Activities of Chennai Students' Home Centre


Ramakrishna Mission Students' Home, Chennai Students' Home

Ramakrishna Mission Students' Home
66 Sir P.S. Sivaswami Salai
Chennai, Tamil Nadu  600004
Phone : 044 – 2499 0264 / 044 – 5210 7550
Telefax : 044 – 5231 2830
Email : [email protected]


    Phone: 044 – 2499 2537

Started by Swami Ramakrishnananda (a monastic disciple of Sri Ramakrishna) in 1905 and made a branch of the Mission in 1918, this Home is an orphanage providing free board, lodging and education to orphan/destitute children.

Activities of the Mission centre :

  1. A free residential high school with 240 boys.

  1. A free residential polytechnic college providing three-year
    diploma courses for 399 students.

  1. A primary school with 45 children.

  1. A free hostel with 646 boys.

  1. A library with18,643 books, and 76 newspapers and periodicals.

  1. Celebrating the birthdays of religious personalities, conducting
    religious classes, cultural competitions for students, etc.

Additional Photos of the Activities of the Centre:

        Lower Primary School


 W S    A R C H I V E

This information on Centre's activities is collected from
The General Report of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, April 2017.


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