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 Address and Activities of Mysore Centre


Ramakrishna Ashrama, Mysore

Ramakrishna Ashrama
Mysore, Karnataka  570020
Phone : 0821-241 7444 & 241 2424
Telefax : 0821-428-8842
Email :


    Sri Ramakrishna Vidyashala
    Phone: 251 4000 & 251 5000
    Fax: 251 6000

    Ramakrishna Institute of Moral and Spiritual Education
    Phone: 241 7666
    Fax: 241 2800

This ashrama was started elsewhere in 1925 and shifted to its present site in 1931.

Activities of the Math centre :

  1. Publication of Kannada books: 6 new books and 144 reprints
    were brought out this year.

  1. Publication of a monthly magazine in Kannada, titled Viveka
    Prabha (13th year with 17,271 subscribers).

  1. A library with 18,194 books and 55 newspapers and periodicals.

  1. Jnanavahini project, under which discourses, personality
    development programmes, educational and religious exhibitions,
    etc were organized in 21 interior villages of Karnataka with the
    help of audio-visual aids which screened 5 films (9058
    villagers benefited).

  1. Rural and tribal welfare work in the tribal belt of Chamarajanagar
    district, concentrating mainly on agriculture, on improving the irrigation
    system, and on providing other inputs.

  1. Free coaching classes for academically and economically weaker
    students (342 students this year).

  1. Regular worship and bhajans, and fortnightly Ramnam Sankirtan.

  1. Religious classes, occasional lectures in and outside the city, and
    retreats for students, devotees, etc.

  1. Celebration of the birth anniversaries of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy
    Mother Sri Sarada Devi, Swami Vivekananda and other spiritual

  1. Sri Ramakrishna Vidyashala : It stands on an extensive plot of land, a five-minute from the ashrama.
      Activities :
        1. A residential higher secondary school with 432 students.
        2. A library with 19,961 books.
        3. An Astronomical observatory with a computerized telescope.
        4. An auditorium with 500 seats and a prayer  hall to accommodate 400 students.
        5. A bakery and a dairy.

  1. RIMSE : The Ramakrishna Institute of Moral and Spiritual
    Education (RIMSE) is housed in an impressive and commodious
    building. A special feature of the Institute is its beautiful temple with a
    tall gopuram.
       Activities :
             1. One-year B.Ed course with moral and spiritual education as one
                 of the compulsory subjects, (100 students -  all residential).
              2. A well-equipped library with 30,245 books.
              3. Short-term value education courses for teachers and value
                  orientation workshops for industrial workers and management staff.
              4. Personality development programme for students.
              5. Classes on Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Bhagavata, etc for the
                  benefit of general public

  1. A bakery and a dairy.

Additional Photos of the Activities of the Centre:

    Ashrama View
        Ashrama View

        Birthday Celebration

        Students Home

        Printing Press




        Religious Activities



    Youth Welfare Programmes
        Cultural Unit

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This information on Centre's activities is collected from
The General Report of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, April 2017.


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